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CryoSkin 2.0


CryoSkin 2.0 is a non-invasive fat loss alternative. Using the “Peltier effect,” CyroSkin 2.0 treatment destroys fat cells without damaging any surrounding tissue, allowing your body to safely remove the dead cells. The process is enjoyable, comfortable, and safe!


With treatments only lasting 20-30 minutes, CryoSkin 2.0 is as convenient as it gets. You don’t have to deal with recovery time or worry about side effects. Come in on your lunch break, before or after work, or whenever you have a half hour to spare!

Safe on Skin

While other fat loss and cellulite treatments can cause lasting damage to your skin, CryoSkin 2.0 does not. This non-invasive treatment uses a unique heating and cooling technique to increase oxygen supply and promote collagen production, creating smoother, healthier looking skin. Avoid skin damage and enjoy reduced fine lines and wrinkles with CryoSkin 2.0 treatments.


Other fat loss treatments may come with a slew of painful side effects, but not CryoSkin 2.0. CryoSkin 2.0 is free of painful side effects, and most customers actually find the treatment to be comfortable and relaxing. Some side effects may include minor numbness or redness.


CryoSkin 2.0 has been shown to reduce fat by an average of 38%, while also improving the quality of your skin. This innovative procedure kills fat cells without damaging your skin.

More Value For Your Money

CryoSkin 2.0 technology doesn’t require a medical practitioner on-site, which leads to more cost effective treatment. Our technicians ensure safe, effective results at a fraction of the cost of other fat loss treatments. CryoSkin 2.0 freezes fat, tones skin, aids in collagen production, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and cellulite, all within our comfortable location.